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About This File


  1. Download and install this Microsoft C++ Redistributable
  2. Set Secure Boot State to "Off".
  3. Disable Windows Firewall.
  4. Uninstall ALL third-party anti-virus software.
  5. Disable Windows Defender.
  6. Uninstall FACEIT and ESEA, if you have them installed on your PC.
  7. Uninstall ALL virtualization/sandboxing software.
    • Common virtualization/sandboxing softwawre you may have installed include Oracle VM VirtualBox and Sandboxie.
  8. Ensure ALL device drivers are up to date.
  9. Set Valorant to run in fullscreen windowed (borderless) mode. 
  10. Disable ALL overlays.
    • Common overlays you may have enabled include Discord, Xbox Game Bar, GeForce Experience, and MSI Afterburner. 

How to Run

  1. Download our loader.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Run the loader as admin.
  4. Paste your license key.
  5. Enter 2 to load the driver. The loader will close.
  6. Run the loader as admin again.
  7. Run Valorant.
  8. Enter 1 to load the cheat.


  • INSERT key- show/hide menu
  • To press on menu options:
    1. Make sure the menu is hidden.
    2. Click anywhere in the game.
    3. Press insert to bring the menu up.
    4. Press ESC.


  • Hack overlay does not appear
    1. Ensure you meet the system requirements for this cheat (this information can be found in the product description)
    2. Ensure you have properly completed ALL the steps listed in 'Setup'.
    3. Ensure that you are loading the driver (refer to Step 5 in 'How to Run').
  • ESP is seemingly buggy/glitching:
    • Valorant, similar to CS:GO, uses a Fog of War system. In short, this means that Valorant does not consistently send enemy player data to your client side, which means that ESP cheats for Valorant are not be able to render enemy ESP data consistently. To counter this and provide a slight advantage for players, "Dormant" is enabled by default- it shows the last known location of enemy players if no data is being sent. If you prefer a more tradition ESP experience, you may disable "Dormant" in the ESP menu settings at your convenience.

What's New in Version 1.0.3   See changelog


  • Optimization update
  • Dormant

  • If you are using a spoofer, always inject your cheat before spoofing.

  • In order to extract our files, please download and install WinRar

  • Something not working? We are here to help! Contact our support team or create a ticket in our Discord server

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