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Welcome to Malevolent Pros™

Premium cheats for your favorite video games.

Paramount safety standards and instant license key allocation.


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  • Welcome to Malevolent Pros™

    We are proud to offer software that will simply amaze you. The quality of our products is unparalleled and they are astoundingly easy to install and use. We offer products and services for various games, all designed with the end-user in mind. Moreover, you have come to the right place if you are tired of crappy sellers. With Malevolent Pros™, there is no need to go through complicated buying procedures and long delivery times. Simply checkout with your card or Bitcoin and your license key will be allocated to you immediately!


    Our Guarantee:
    Easy and convenient checkout

    Immediate license key allocation

    Dedicated support staff

    Paramount safety and product quality


    Onboarding- Frequently Asked Questions

    What sets Malevolent Pros™ apart from other companies?

    Many companies in the industry fail to provide personalized, up-front, and "human" (so-to-say) customer service. At Malevolent Pros™, we pride ourselves upon the level of care we put into our customers, which is why our customer service representatives on-duty 24/7 to help you with any issues which may arise. We treat our customers like family and we are willing to go to great lengths to prove this. 

    Are Malevolent Pros™  products safe to use? 

    Our promise: as long the status for the specific cheat in question is marked WORKING in our Software Center, it is safe to use under normal circumstances. But just a fair warning- while this means our programs will not be detected by anti-cheat software, it does NOT mean you are immune from manual bans. Always be careful while using any hacks and understand that no matter what, it is never 100% safe to use cheats. Ultimately, it is up to HOW you use the cheats- if you "rage", there is a higher likelihood of a ban as compared to if you use "legit" settings. Any seller who claims to have 100% undetected cheats is lying. At Malevolent Pros™, we value transparency, and we will never lie to customers regarding the risk of using third-party software for video games.

    Why are Malevolent Pros™ products so expensive?

    While we try our best to keep prices as low as possible, it takes a lot of time and resources for us to develop software. Moreover, at Malevolent Pros™, we are committed to bringing you the most premium and top-of-the-line products. Cheap hacks oftentimes fail to meet expectations in terms of safety and quality. Regardless, we keep prices as competitive as possible. 

    How will I receive my Malevolent Pros™ products after purchase?

    Your license key will be automatically allocated to you. You can also find it in the My License Keys page. All files and instructions (including future updates and statuses) are posted in the Software Center.

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